Operation Auction

Operation Auction starts on March 27th. Be sure to check out all the awesome things going up for auction on the 27th.

Here’s what I’ll be auctioning off:

1. A signed copy of THE PERFECT PLAY, and an ARC of CHANGING THE GAME, the second book in the Play-by-Play series (Aug, 2011 release)

2. A guest appearance in one of my upcoming books–either my Play-by-Play series from Berkley or my upcoming romantic suspense series from MIRA–would have to be 2012 books since 2011 books are already finished. (winner’s choice of which book).

3. Lunch with NYT Bestselling Authors Maya Banks and Jaci Burton at the RWA Conference in NYC in July (conference held June 28 – July 1, 2011). Lunch date, time and location to be decided upon at a mutually agreed upon time with the authors and the auction winner. Here’s your chance to ask us anything writing or publishing related or just dish books!

You can bookmark the Ebay store link here . I’ll be sure to post again when the site goes live.