It’s the DABWAHA!

If you follow college basketball at all, you know what March Madness is. It’s the college tournament where the best of college basketball play each other.

The DABWHA is a tournament of books, and it’s organized every year by Dear Author’s Jane and Smart Bitches Sarah, who put a hella lot of work into putting it together.

Check out the tournament site here. There’s even a page on how to play here. You can put your brackets together from the list of nominees, choose the books you think will win, vote in each round,and oh yeah people. There are prizes. Lots and lots of prizes. Check out the prizes here. Not only is there a poster of The Perfect Play being given away as one of the prizes, but also to random entrants, too! So yo definitely want to enter. 😉

Oh, and one of my novellas might be nominated this year, but don’t let that sway you when you make your selections (really I’m lying–let it sway you–pick NO STRINGS ATTACHED and vote like crazy for it 😉 ). Go, have fun. Enter, and start trash talking about your picks! 😉