RWA and Photos!

Since I’ve been mostly brain dead, busy or tackling Mt. Laundry since I got home from the RWA conference, I haven’t had time to talk to you about what a wonderful experience it was. Or share pictures! So I figured before everyone forgers about it, i should do that.

First off, there were so many people I wanted to see…and didn’t. I know you think it’s impossible to attend a conference and not see the people you want to see, but trust me, it’s possible. There were, I dunno, over 1200 women at this conference, and I can tell you I ran into the same ones over and over again. Many I did want to see, thankfully. But I never ran into Teresa Medeiros, Christina Dodd, Megan Frampton, Julie Leto. I ran into Roxanne St. Claire going down the escalator so we had like a 15 second chat. Dammit. I didn’t get to spend nearly enough time talking to Shiloh Walker, because one of us always had to be somewhere else. The downside of a busy conference.

However I did get to meet tons of new people, LIke Laurie and Vicki two hysterically funny, wonderful women who I have mad, mad love for. They kept me laughing and just flat out made this conference for me. And Meagan Hatfield, who’s awesome and talented and snarky funny and hey, her debut book from HQN came out last month. Go to her website and check out that sexy cover. And then go buy it!

I had a wonderful conversation with Sylvia Day, who’s wicked smart about our business and gives it to you straight. She’s also damn funny and I could talk to her for hours.

And then Maya Banks. I couldn’t have survived the conference without her. She’s my friend, plain and simple.

And of course there’s Angela James, who’s been my bff for a very long time. Unfortunately she was one hella busy woman this conference, so we hardly had time to spend with each other. This kind of sucked, but hey, she’s in the spotlight these days being Executive Editor for Carina Press, and when you have a big job to do, it means you’re pulled in a lot of different directions. But we did get to hang out at the pool along with Smart Bitch Sarah, who’s just the most amazing person ever. She’s another one I could listen to all day long. It’s always an honor to be in her presence.

Photos ahoy!

Me and author Jaycee Clark, who also wore THE most fabulous shoes to the RITA/GH Awards.


Me and Sylvia Day, who won the National Reader’s Choice Award at the conference and gave a heartfelt acceptance speech. So deserved!


Some amazing, friendly and awesome authors I met at the Bookseller’s Best Awards: That’s me on the left, then Cynthia Eden, Ann Aguirre, and Carolyn Jewel.


I finally got the meet the ever awesome Azteclady. She brought me cookies, which further endeared her to me forever and ever. She is truly one incredible woman, and I had a great time talking to her about the conference.


Me and Maya Banks. Maya and I clocked many hours on this bench. Sweating.


And speaking of sweating…err….glistening, are we glistening nicely in this picture or what? All I can say is…it was really freakin hot in Orlando. This is me, Laurie Kap and Meagan Hatfield. Or in order from left to right, it’s Laurie, Meagan and me.

How cute is this picture? Me and my girl Angie (Angela James). One of my favorites, and during the .5 seconds I actually saw her during the conference. Heh.

Me and my gorgeous Berkley editor, Kate Seaver, at the Berkley party. Isn’t her dress beautiful?

And my gorgeous, ever so patient husband, Biker Dude, who had to put up with me and a lot of women by coming to the conference. The man is a saint.

Lastly, here’s a view from our balcony. Despite the overwhelming heat and humidity, the view was outstanding.