Excerpt from NAUTI AND WILD

NAUTI AND WILD releases tomorrow! I’m SO excited! Here’s an except from RIDING THE EDGE, my book in the Nauti and Wild novella and the fourth book in my WILD RIDERS series. Hope you enjoy!


Excerpt after the jump

There were a hundred reasons why Rick shouldn’t be doing this, but one primary reason—Ava was his assignment, not some hot random babe to have a quick lay with.

Yeah, right.

Tell that to his dick, which rocked against his jeans, hard and eager to get things started. Tell that to his senses as he inhaled her clean, sultry scent while his lips were pressed against the soft column of her throat.

He should have never brought her into this room, never closed and locked the door, never started teasing her with this cat-and-mouse game.

But damn, she was fun to play with. And right now she wasn’t saying no. Oh, hell no, she wasn’t. Every sound she made, every movement of her body was screaming yes. Oh, hell yes. And she was touching him, grabbing onto him like a lifeline in the dark.

In the back of his mind, this all spelled epic disaster. Unfortunately his libido had taken over and all logic was gone. He had a sweet-smelling and willing woman in his arms and he intended to take full advantage of that.

He slid his tongue along her throat, felt the wild beat of her pulse in her neck, and he wanted to do anything and everything to drive that pulse up higher. He’d bet Ava could get really out of control, wondered if any man had done that to her before. Because what he’d seen of her so far led him to believe that she was oh so reserved, which made him want to tear away that reserve and find out just how wild she could be.

And maybe he was assuming, but he’d guess that she was just waiting for some guy to strip down the walls around her and release the animal.

He kissed along her neck, then her jaw, heard her inhale, then exhale as he neared her lips.

He cupped her jaw between his fingers and pressed his lips to her mouth. Her lips were soft, trembling, and as he pressed more firmly, she opened for him.

God, she was sweet. She tasted like innocence, something he hadn’t tasted much of in his lifetime. She wasn’t at all the type of woman he usually went for—he liked the wild, knew-exactly-what-they-wanted type. Ava was like forbidden fruit—which only made him want her more. He supposed he’d never quite gotten over wanting what he shouldn’t have, but damned if he was going to care about that right now. He gathered her close and slid his tongue inside to find hers, testing the waters.

She wrapped her tongue around his and whimpered. She was hot, and he was getting hotter, especially when she wriggled her body against his, making his cock jerk against his jeans, reminding him of just how long it had been since he’d taken the time to be with a woman. Work had occupied him for too damn long.

Now it was time to play. And he intended to play all night long with Ava. He swept one hand inside her open jacket, smoothed it along the curve of her hip and over, letting his fingers press in on the upper part of her ass. She moaned into his mouth and moved closer to him, jacking his pulse up yet another notch. He tilted his head so he could deepen the kiss, used his other hand to slide along her back so he could crush her breasts against his chest.

Oh, yeah.

He slid her jacket off, letting it drop to the floor. He grasped her wrists, held onto her, pulled her closer and felt her full breasts bang against his chest. Damn she had nice breasts. He couldn’t wait to touch them, to bare them so he could lick and kiss them. Ava had one incredible body and he wanted to see it all. Maybe he’d turn the lights back on. It was way too dark in here.

None of this was going to happen fast enough—too many clothes between them. It was time to start shedding some leather.


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