Burning Questions Of The Day…

Why did I click on that article about bedbugs? Now I itch….

If my littlest dog escapes from the backyard, but runs around the front and sits at my feet, can we really call it escaping?

Why is my house dirty within an hour of having it cleaned? (See dogs and husband for answer to this question)

Did anyone watch Project Runway last night? Oh Tim Gunn, I love you.

Does anyone really care whether Mariah Carey is pregnant or not?

Does anyone really care whether or not Bristol Palin will be on Dancing With The Stars?

Does anyone want to win an advance copy of RIDING THE NIGHT? If so, either answer any of my burning questions or put your own burning question of the day in the comments. I’ll post a winner on Monday.

And yes, I was checking to see if y’all are paying attention. Are you? :giggle: