So…Where Is Everyone Playing These Days?

I’m curious where everyone spends their time these days.

I don’t know if you read or not but we’re shutting down the Writeminded Blog. The five of us are just so bogged down with work projects, plus having to juggle our personal blogs, not to mention trying to be everywhere like Twitter and Facebook and still get our daily word count in that something had to go, and unfortunately that was the Writeminded Blog. But we still have the Writeminded Readers Group and would love to see you there.

But that got me to thinking that blog traffic seems to have slowed down, people are even blogging less, and I wonder if it’s because social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook have picked up, or are people still reading blogs but not commenting? I know I still read blogs, but I do it via an RSS Feed, and only occasionally comment?

So my question is, where are you playing these days? Are you still reading blogs, but in an RSS feed like Google Reader or somewhere else? Or are you spending more time on Facebook or Twitter? Or are you just too damn busy to do anything? Heh.

Pop a comment down below and let me know. I might even give away a prize. Like a book…or something else. So hop on out of that RSS feed and let me know where you are. Curious minds wanna know.