LACED WITH DESIRE releases February 2nd and we’re all so excited about it! We’ve decided to have a contest on each of our blogs and give away some great prizes! So follow along below and I’ll tell you how to win.

LACED WITH DESIRE, like our first anthology UNLACED, has a corset theme. So for this contest we thought we’d talk about clothing. On each of our blogs, we’ll ask a clothing question and each of the authors in the anthology answers that question. You answer the question too to be entered to win the prize we’re giving away. And then I’ll provide the link to the other authors’ blogs so you can go to their blog, answer their question and be entered to win their prizes. Easy, right?

Let’s get started.

HERE’S MY QUESTION:Your most appalling shopping weakness, especially when it comes to clothes?

JACI: My most appalling shopping weakness has to be anything with skulls on it. I won’t even go into how many things I own with skulls. I have a definite thing for them. Jeans, T-shirts, shoes, jackets, you name it, if it has a skull on it, I will gravitate toward it. Okay, I won’t just gravitate toward it. I’ll buy it. It all started with the skulls on the Ed Hardy imprint and moved on from there. I do own several Ed Hardy pairs of shoes and a purse and some shirts. And then there’s the Sinful and Affliction brand, which also boasts some impressive skull artwork. See? It’s an addiction and I can’t help myself. I don’t yet have a skull tattoo, but I’m working on it. Heh.

JOEY: Ugly canvas sneakers. Every time I see some, I get the urge to purchase. Hot pink, purple, polka dot, weird animal prints, etc. I’ve learned to curtail it these past few years, but if it’s garish, I think it’s adorable and want it. Chloe, my heroine in the upcoming Branded Sanctuary, has a similar problem: Her closet was filled with a dazzling array of shoes tumbled together like shiny gumballs…

However, I do have a more “practical” (tongue in cheek) clothing item which I’m helpless to resist, mainly because they’re becoming so hard to find. I love long gauzy skirts.


Not the cheap crap they make now, where the fabric is thin and stiff and sits on the body as if you’re one of those chocolate Christmas bells. These are the heavyweight, flared hem, viscose and velvet fabrics that fall in an A-line with the body. They have the wide elastic waistband that actually sits at the waist (not past the crack of my ass, therefore making my hips look ten feet wider – like they really need additional assistance to do that!). When I was at RT last year, author Camille Anthony was wonderful enough to point me toward a site that met all those specifications, plus being within my budget – When my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I immediately said I wanted skirts from there. So I have three new skirts and want to go back and get four more, so I can wear one for every day of the week. If you see me at future conferences/signings, I can promise I’ll be happily tripping on my far-too-long hems, because I like them to flow around my ankles, which means I usually trample on them going up and down steps.

As far as non-clothing addictions, that one’s easy – the $5-$7.50 DVD racks at Wal-mart. I am a major movie buff, with almost 400 on my shelves, such that I carry the list in my purse to make sure I don’t buy duplicates. I love getting caught in a movie story almost as much as a book story – in fact, as much editing as I do, the former is almost better at putting me in a creative writing frame of mind. After I saw Robert Downey Jr. in Sherlock Holmes, I wanted to come home and write immediately!

JASMINE: My biggest shopping weakness is thrift stores. It’s amazing what people give away. Some of the clothing still have tags on them! I find the greatest outfits, even designer names like Caché and Evan Picone. My sister, who I do most of my thrift shopping with, says I’m not supposed to tell people I got this or that outfit at a thrift store. So, oops, I just told everyone!

DENISE: Shoes. I absolutely adore shoes, the more impractical and sexy the better, but I have small feet so most of the time I’m preserved from temptation. When I enter a shoe store, I don’t even look at the goods because a grown woman in tears is embarrassing. Instead, I avert my eyes and ask what they have in my size – if anything.
Disaster strikes when they do have great shoes that fit me – I want to buy the lot. *sigh* And of course, while I still can’t resist stratospheric heels, my back pays for it later.
My other great weakness is the ingrained belief that I’m still the same size and shape I was BC (Before Children). Instinctively, I reach for styles that would have looked great on me back in the day. Don’t you hate those three-way mirrors? *sob*

TO WIN MY PRIZE, WHICH BY THE WAY IS AN ARC OF MY UPCOMING MARCH RELEASE, BOUND BRANDED AND BRAZEN (YEE HAAA!), Answer my question in the comments section. I’ll choose a winner on Wednesday

Now go to the other authors’ blogs to continue participating and for a chance to win other prizes. Below I’ve listed their links and the prizes they’re giving away.



DENISE ROSSETTI’S BLOG – Our previous anthology, UNLACED.

Good luck and have fun playing!