Bound Branded & Brazen, Excerpt 3!

Bound Branded & Brazen releases next week!!!! (March 2nd. That’s Tuesday. Y’all won’t forget, right?)

Since this book covers three different stories about each of the 3 McMasters sisters, I’d thought I’d put some exerpts up this week about each of the sisters to give you a little taste of each of them. Hope you enjoy. 🙂

This one’s Jolene, the youngest sister.


She tossed the rope at him. He caught it and looped it around the calf while Jolene tied it to the saddle horn on her horse. She climbed on and began walking her horse backward while Walker got the tail end of the cow and began to push. The cow, terrified, resisted.

“Come on, you dumbass, we’re trying to help you here.” Walker pushed, Jolene pulled, and finally the cow’s brain engaged and she cooperated, heading for the sloping bank of the mud hole. Then she was scraping her hooves on the sides, kicking up mud into Walker’s face as she mooed and scrambled for solid ground.

The cow made it, and Walker slipped, falling face-first into the mud. He came up sputtering and spitting out the foul, thick liquid, wiping his eyes to find Jolene standing at the foot of the mud bank, laughing her ass off.

“Think this is funny, do you?”

“Freakin’ hysterical,” she said, whipping off her hat and wiping the sweat from her brow.

Her inattention gave him just enough time to grab the ankle of her boot and pull, which sent her sliding down the already slick embankment. All he had to do was step out of the way and let her enjoy the ride.

She was lucky, because she went in feet-first, but the slope was steep and he’d pulled her right on her ass with enough force to send her under. He stood there watching, his arms folded together when she came up spitting curses at him.

“You son of a bitch!”

He smiled as she wiped mud from her eyes and glared at him.

“What the hell did you think you were doing?”

“I hear a mud bath is good for the skin,” he said, crossing his arms to smirk at her.

She rolled her eyes, turned and started crawling up the side of the mud bank. Without traction or footing, she slid right back down, her nails scraping the wet side of the bank.

“Goddammit, Walker, help me out here.”

“Yes ma’am.” She started the crawl up again, and this time he shoved his shoulder in her butt and boosted her up. She fell onto the grass and rolled onto her back. Walker followed, digging the toes of his boots into the soft side of the slope as he pulled himself out of the mud.

“You’re a mess,” he said, realizing he was an equal disaster as mud squished out of the top of his boots.

“No shit,” she said, yanking off her boots and tossing them aside. She pulled off her socks, then stood and went for the zipper of her pants.

Walker stood, too, and gaped as Jolene fumbled with muddy fingers for the buttons on her shirt. “What the hell are you doing?”

She stared at him like he was the dumbest cowboy on the planet. “Stripping, moron. What does it look like I’m doing?”

She bent over and retrieved her boots and socks, then headed toward the creek.

Walker followed behind her. “Are you serious? The creek has got to be icy cold.”

“I don’t care,” she said as she peeled off her shirt, then the sleeveless tank she had on under that. She started to shove her pants down next as she turned around to face him. “I am not taking that long ride back with twenty pounds of mud stuck to me.”

“Your clothes will still be muddy.”

She shucked her jeans to the ground and stepped out of them, leaving her wearing only a bra and panties. And damn if her body wasn’t even more perfect than what he’d imagined. Long legs, curved waist, and breasts nearly spilling out of the cups of her bra. His mouth watered.

She grabbed the clothes and started rinsing them in the creek.

“No, my clothes will be wet,” she said. “But in this heat they’ll dry fast. And I need a goddamned bath. This mud stinks.”

She rinsed her clothes and boots and laid them on a large rock in the sun. Then she turned to Walker and unhooked her bra, letting it fall to the ground.

Walker tried to swallow, but he had no spit left.

And when Jolene dropped her panties, she might have been covered in mud, but she was still naked.

And he didn’t think he’d ever seen a woman more beautiful than her.

She turned around and walked into the creek. And there on the base of her back was that tattoo, some kind of tribal symbol full of the same variations of colors that glittered in her eyes.

“Coming, Walker?”

He could. Easily. Just watching her strip had made him hard as a rock. Her body, face and hair covered in mud, she should have been one wreck of a sight. Instead, she was sexy as hell. And that body? Jesus Christ, what man could resist it? All curves, beautiful breasts with light pink nipples, a triangle of dark blond hair and the tightest, most perfectly formed ass he’d ever seen.

She disappeared under the water and came up right away, shaking her hair loose, droplets flying everywhere.

“It’s not too bad once you get in it,” she said. “Temps have been warm enough and it’s hot today. Come on in.”

Walker unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off. “This isn’t appropriate.”

She cocked her head to the side, bobbing up and down in the water, her breasts hidden, but the sweet swell just visible. “What isn’t appropriate?”

“Us getting naked together.”

She laughed. “I don’t recall propositioning you.”

He bent down at the water’s edge and rinsed his shirt, then pulled off his boots and washed out the mud.

“Walker. Strip down and get in the water.”

Tempting. Too damn tempting. “Is that an order?”


“I don’t think I’ll follow that order.”

She rolled her eyes. “I promise not to touch you. You know, in case you’re afraid of me.”

“I’m not afraid of you, Jolene.”

“Could have fooled me the way you’ve been acting lately. But I’m not the big bad wolf, Walker. I won’t attack you. You don’t have anything to be afraid of.”

Afraid? She thought he was afraid of her? That did it. Months of repression had taken its toll. Between denying what he wanted and her impromptu and obvious striptease of a few minutes ago, Walker had taken all he was going to take from Jolene. He pulled off his T-shirt and unbuttoned his pants, then slid the zipper down.

Jolene didn’t take her gaze from him, instead watched him strip. And he didn’t bother to hide his erection as he let his jeans fall to the ground and pulled off his boxers. It jutted out high and hard as he padded to the cold water and dove in headfirst.

The water felt damn good. He surfaced a couple feet from Jolene, found his footing on the bank and waded over to her. She was resting on a rock, submerged from the waist down, her breasts out of the water and glistening under the sun.

He didn’t bother to say anything to her, just sloshed through the water and swept her into his arms.
He pulled her off the rock and jerked her against him. Her lips parted with her gasp. Then she smiled and wrapped her legs around his waist, trapping his cock between them.

“It’s about goddamned time, Walker.”

“Shut up, Jolene.” He pressed his lips to hers and kissed her, hard.