Bound Branded & Brazen Excerpt 2!

Bound Branded & Brazen releases next week!!!! (March 2nd. That’s Tuesday. Y’all won’t forget, right?)

Since this book covers three different stories about each of the 3 McMasters sisters, I’d thought I’d put some exerpts up this week about each of the sisters to give you a little taste of each of them. Hope you enjoy. 🙂

This one’s Brea, the middle sister.


“It’s hot out here today. Thought you might want a drink.”

“Oh. Yeah.” He didn’t mean she looked hot, he meant he thought she was thirsty. Duh. She took the bottle and sipped, watched him guzzle down half of his, watched his throat work, stared at his mouth.

Unfortunately she was still staring at his mouth long after he finished taking a drink. He cast a knowing smile at her, and she blinked herself back into reality.

Damn, Brea. She felt the rush of heat to her cheeks. She really needed a life. Or an orgasm. Anything to stop her from acting like a nervous geeky twelve-year-old in front of a guy.

Especially this guy.

He tilted his hat back to stare up at her, and she fought for something intelligent to say. Unfortunately, her brain, though usually filled with all sorts of tidbits of interesting things, decided at this moment to refrain from sending any intellectual signals to her mouth. Nothing came out. How could it, when he was staring at her with ocean blue eyes that just screamed sex? The man was walking testosterone, from his sexy gait to his tight ass, flat abs and those Popeye muscles bulging from the short sleeves of his T-shirt.

“You like horses?” he finally asked, no doubt thinking she was an idiot, since all she’d managed to utter so far was “huh”, “oh” and “yeah.” Just freaking brilliant, Brea.

“Uh . . . yes, I do. I like watching you train them. You have a way with them.”

He half turned to survey the filly. “Stormy is pretty easy. She’s got a lot of passion in her, but she’s not as wound up as some I’ve trained.”

“Is that right? She seems pretty spirited.”

He turned back to her, eyed her up and down, from her boots to the top of her head. She dissolved in a puddle of desire right there.

“I like them spirited. It’s no fun if it’s not a challenge.”

Oh, honey, are you ever barking up the wrong cowgirl. “What if she’s shy and a little skittish?”

She couldn’t believe she’d just said that. It could even be considered flirting. Brea did not flirt.

Gage laid his hands on either side of her thighs. Great, the body part she least wanted to draw attention to.

“I have a lot of patience for shy and skittish, Brea. And you know,” he said, moving his hands a little closer so his thumbs brushed against the denim of her jeans and made her breath hitch, “the shy ones can sometimes surprise you.”

She shuddered out a breath. “Is that right?”


“How so?” She found it difficult to swallow.

He cocked his head to the side and gave her a lopsided smile. “They can end up full of fire and passion. They just need the right kind of . . . training.” His fingers whispered down the side of her legs, the touch so light she wasn’t even sure if it was real or if she’d imagined it.

But her body didn’t think it had imagined it. It was full-on ready to jump on him and fuck his brains out.

And Gage’s nostrils flared like a bull sensing a female in heat. Was it even remotely possible he was . . . interested in her?

He tipped his finger to his hat. “Have to get back to work now. You have a good day, Brea.”

“Yeah. See you, Gage.”

Apparently she had a vivid imagination. He turned his back on her and headed back to work. She enjoyed the view of his ass in those tight jeans. And sighed.

She watched him work with Stormy awhile longer, then decided she’d rather hang herself than torture herself further.