Beth Kery’s RELEASE (and a contest!)

Beth Kery writes amazing books. Engaging, romantic, with characters that bring about a visceral reaction in the reader. I love her books and if you haven’t read her yet, you’re really missing out. I was very lucky to read her upcoming new book and it’s awesome.

Her newest book, RELEASE, comes out on February 2nd. I’ve asked Beth a few questions which she was kind enough to answer below, as well as provide some information about her new book. And she’s also giving away a copy of RELEASE, so read on and comment for a chance to win!


Publisher: Berkley Heat
Genre: Contemporary
Release Date: February 2, 2010

His need for her was so absolute, he agreed to share her with another man in order to possess her.

Genny loved her husband Max, but something was missing—a sexual charge that was instead ignited by his business partner, Sean. He was ruggedly handsome, with a heart-stopping smile and a slow, sexy New Orleans drawl that made Genny weak. The more time they spent together, the stronger the attraction between them became and when her husband offered to share her with Sean for one intoxicating night, both Genny and Sean were too tempted to refuse.

That night in the company penthouse, Max and Sean showed Genny the heights of ecstasy. But it was Sean who scored her very spirit, and one-on-one, they were red hot. But as Genny learns, there’s a price to pay for such impulsive pleasure. What began as a night of forbidden desire spirals into a whirlpool of murder, sensual submission, secrets, and a scorching passion that threatens to consume everyone it touches.

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Interview With Beth Kery:

Jaci: I hear readers, bloggers and reviewers talking about your books all the time. It’s like you burst onto the scene and grabbed readers by the throat. Why do you think your books have resonated with them so much?

Beth: Wow, that’s nice. Thanks. I sort of consider myself as the quiet girl in the corner, so it’s nice to think of myself grabbing attention. lol.

I think the thing that might resonate with readers (and it might be the thing that turns some off, as well) is that I try to write real characters and genuine emotion. I think human beings are complex in how they express their hurt, grief, anger, love and sexuality. Not always, but often.

Jaci: You write some amazing sex scenes. Easy to write, or hard as hell?

Beth: Thank you again. Back at you.

Um…it depends on the day. I wouldn’t say it relates specifically to sex scenes, just to the writing process of the moment whether or not it’s flowing or halting.

Jaci: What don’t people know about you that you think would surprise them?

Beth: I’m pretty reserved, but I’m not shy. It’s a fine line differentiation, I know. The way I see the difference is that I love people, but at the same time, I’m not good at being the center of attention. When you’re an author, it’s required to shout out about yourself, but that part of the job doesn’t really feel like me. I’m more of a one on one person. I enjoy meeting people face to face (or note to note) and forming a lasting connection with them.

Jaci: Describe your office or writing location.

Beth: I have a very nice desk location in a den, but I’m a bit ashamed to admit, I often can be found writing on my laptop propped up in bed, with dictionary, research notes, etc. spread out all around me. Looks messy, but I know where everything is. ☺

Jaci: What is your definition of romance?

Beth: Hmmmm. Good question. Can I describe it by my physical reaction to it? When you are in the presence of romance, you can’t rest until you finish the book or the movie ends or whatever, because you’re spellbound. For sure, you’re going to be rooting for the romantic leads. You occasionally get a tightness in the chest, that up-swelling of emotion. But then again, you’re talking to a woman who always cries at weddings (including her own) and sobbed uncontrollably recently while watching Avatar.

Thank you so much, Jaci, for having me.

To be entered to win a copy of RELEASE, leave a comment, ask a question, anything. I’ll draw a winner on Thursday. And thanks, Beth, for guesting on my blog and offering up a copy of your awesome new book!