Snippet Saturday


Welcome to Snippet Saturday, where authors show snippets of their work.

Today is Secondary Characters, and oh is that ever a favorite of mine. I can’t write a book without secondary characters. Some play a very small part, some a larger part. And since I love writing series so much, there are often secondary characters in my books who end up playing a major role in the next book. In fact, my secondary characters often end up as the main hero or heroine in a subsequent book.

A couple of the secondary characters who readers loved and clamored for are AJ and Pax from my Wild Riders series. They’re featured in Riding On Instinct, and will have their own story next year in Riding The Night. (Yay!).

Here’s a snippet of AJ and Pax in Riding on Instinct, with Shadoe, the heroine in that book.

She saw Pax and A.J. sitting at one of the center tables—a great spot to do a little viewing of their own. Though she wasn’t sure if they were really on the job or just ogling the dancers.

She went up to their table and bent down to wrap her arms around them.

“How’s it going, guys?”

A.J. tilted his head up and graced her with the kind of smile that would turn any woman’s knees to jelly, his stormy gray eyes filled with trouble. “Hey baby. You looked hot tonight, as usual.”

“You sure did, honey. Hard for a guy to concentrate on anything but watching you,” Pax said, his lips tilted in a sexy smile. Between the two of these guys, a woman didn’t stand a chance. Pax’s face was model worthy, all chiseled cheek bones and strong jaw, and just perfect, kissable lips.

She laughed. “I’ll bet you say that to all the girls.”

“We usually do,” A.J. said with a wink.

“So, anything happening tonight?”

Pax shook his head. “Just a lot of pretty naked ladies and guys who want to get into their g-strings.”

“Guys like you?”

“Always,” A.J. said, tipping his beer her way. “But we’ve got an inside line we’re working.”

Shadoe arched a brow. “Do you? And what might that be?”

“Hey. Are you trying to pick up my guys?”

Shadoe straightened and saw Ariele coming to a stop at the table to rest a hip against A.J.’s chair. A.J. slid an arm around her waist.

“Me? Not at all. Just stopping to say hello. So, these two are yours, huh?”

Ariele laughed. “Well, they are a handful, but they sure know how to show a girl a good time.”

Both? At once? Oh, my. Shadoe’s gaze flitted between A.J. and Pax, who grinned back at her. “That sounds like fun.”

Ariele’s eyes sparkled with desire. “It is, Desi. You should try it sometime.”

She thought about Spence. One guy…or at least one particular guy…was more than enough for her. “I’ll give that some thought. Time for me to make the rounds. The three of you have fun.”

Pax pulled out the chair between A.J. and him and patted it for Ariele to sit. “We intend to.”

The threesome had already tuned her out before she even walked away.


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