Starting The New Book

I’m starting a new book today. I began plotting it last week (and I use the term “plotting” loosely, believe me).

The good news is, for those of you who are fans of my Wild Riders series from Berkley, the book I’m starting is AJ and Pax’s book, so the question a lot of you have been asking has been answered: Yes, there will be a book for Pax and AJ, and I couldn’t be more excited about it! :boobie:

The book is going to be titled Tempted, Tangled & Taken, which I know is a departure from the “Riding” titles of all the previous books in the series, but trust me, it will still be a Wild Riders story, filled with action, adventure, suspense, Harleys, hot guys and sexy, adventurous women.

It’s due for release in October, 2010, which I know is a long time from now, but hey, you’ll get Rick’s story before then, so something to tide you over. In the meantime, I have a lot of writing to do. AJ and Pax want my attention. They have a story to tell. :giggle: