Snippet Saturday


Today’s snippet is a First Kiss. Those are always so much fun, convey so much about a relationship. I’ve chosen the first kiss between Jessie and Diaz in RIDING TEMPTATION, one of my Wild Riders books from Berkley Heat.


In this scene, Jessie has pushed Diaz to the very limit, and he’s had just about enough. :giggle:

Hope you enjoy! Adult themes in this excerpt, so I’m putting it after the jump.

Jessie could tell Diaz was pissed because he kept coming at her, his face a tight mask of utter fury.

Never insult a guy’s manhood. Big, huge mistake.

Oh, shit. She skirted around the wall until her knees hit the side of the bed. Now she was trapped and had nowhere to run.

“Diaz, I didn’t mean that, really. I wasn’t after Crush’s dick. Or any other part of him for that matter. But you have to understand that when you pushed me away I—”

She never got to finish her sentence. Diaz jerked her against him, pulling her into his powerful body at the same time his lips crushed hers in a kiss she could only describe as breath-stealing. She’d gasped at the first contact and lost all ability to breathe after that.

Oh, God, he was kissing her. It was…sweet heaven…hot. There was such fury and passion in his kiss—she felt him boiling, the heat pouring off him and onto her. Yet he held her in a gentle embrace, not one of anger. His arm wrapped around her waist, the other holding onto her hand, lacing his fingers with hers in a way that made her heart melt.

Neurons were firing a million times a second, sending her senses haywire. And she still couldn’t breathe. Not with the masterful way he slid his lips over hers, commanding her to part her lips so his tongue could snake inside to slide against hers.

Her heart jackhammered against her chest as he licked her tongue in slow, deliberate movements meant to coax her surrender.

Coax? There was nothing to entice out of her. She’d waved the white flag as soon as he touched her. Did he think she would fight him? No way. She was his for the plundering. When he pushed against her and they fell onto the bed together, she damn near cried out in victory, because this was what she had wanted all along. Her body against his, the two of them lying side by side, Diaz’s warm, full lips possessing hers.

He rolled her onto her back and climbed over her, his mouth still on hers and doing delicious things to her senses. He was so big—everywhere, and yet so gentle as he held his weight off her and still pressed full on against her. His cock rode against her hip, thick and hot, penetrating through her jeans, through her mind, the promise of what could be. She reached up, threading her fingers through his hair, overwhelmed that she was actually touching him, that this was real and finally happening when she had convinced herself it would never be. Maybe pushing him to his limits had been the key. She didn’t know and didn’t care. They were here now and nothing was going to stop it.

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