Back To The Grind…

Since my blog contest lasted so long and every day I was putting up book giveaways, I might have forgotten how to do regular blog posts. Plus I buried myself in promotion for RIDING ON INSTINCT, so let’s see if I can get back to normal. Whatever normal is. Heh.

I’m working madly on a new book for Berkley. Being a writer is a lot like being a juggler. Lots of balls in the air. You’re writing a book, and oh here comes a ball in the air–the last book you finished has revisions to be done–oh here comes another ball in the air–the book you finished before that has copyedits or galleys–oh here comes another ball in the air–another book is releasing soon so you have to promote it–oh here comes another ball in the air–you have a lot of emails to deal with, or a workshop to prepare for, or promotional items to create, or a newsletter to write, and those website updates need to be done–and don’t forget all that stuff that needs to be mailed out. Suddenly you’re juggling a hell of a lot of balls, and there’s still that book you need to be writing. You know, the one that’s due at the end of this month? Ack. Anyway, that’s what I’m doing. I love my job. :giggle:

So here’s some awesome news! Go congratulate my friend Larissa Ione, who made the New York Times Bestseller List with the third book in her amazing and unique Demonica series, Passion Unleashed! Larissa is profoundly talented and it was only a matter of time before she made this list. Congratulations Larissa!!!

And hey, if you’ve found Riding On Instinct at the bookstores…or not found it, holler at me and let me know! And of course if you’ve read it, do let me know your thoughts! And thanks to everyone who bought the book.Y’all rock my world! :boobie: