Back To Work

So besides suffering massive jet lag from my trip (which has heinously affected my sleeping), I’ve had to dive back into some major work projects this week (besides laundry…bleh).

Yesterday I finished the galleys for TAKEN BY SIN. Yay! So that project is done.

Today I’m editing my novella for the second Unlaced anthology, which is tentatively titled Unbound. I hope to get my novella edited today and off to my editor, because I have some major projects coming up that I need to get started on.

I have to start writing Bound, Branded & Brazen, my next single title for Berkley Heat. This one is a contemporary ranch story. Cowboys and sex…really, is there anything more drool worthy? Can’t wait to dig in.

I’m also going to work on a proposal for a new series simultaneously. I’m very excited about this idea and so is my agent, so I’m eager to get going with this proposal.

And hopefully tomorrow I’ll have another clue for all of you for my secret contest that will be starting…very very soon. I know you’ve been waiting. The wait will be over shortly. Heh.

But today…head down deep in one of my books….