New Book and Milestones

I finished Riding The Edge, my Wild Riders novella. Holy sheep that was a difficult book to write. Some are. Some just fall out of my brain easy. Others are like brain surgery…you have to dig around in there for a while to figure out what the problem is. (Now there’s a nice Monday visual for ya, huh? :giggle: )

But now that one book is finished, it’s time to start the next. No, I don’t get a break in between books. Sadly. My schedule is pretty full between now and May. I have a novella to write next, followed immediately by a single title.

Anyway, I have this list where I keep all the character names I’ve ever used (which hasn’t prevented me from reusing names. :doh: . I opened up my list this morning to add the book I just finished as well as the one I’m starting. And I realized that I’ll be starting my 46th book today. I sat back and looked at that number–46. I’ve written 45 books. I’m starting my 46th book. Wow. That’s a lot of books in a short period of time. Or at least it doesn’t seem to me like I’ve been writing all that long.

I started writing–seriously writing–in mid-2001. I received my first epublishing contract in 2003, and my first NY print publishing contract in 2005.

And today I’m starting my 46th book. In less than 8 years. Not bad.

I think I’ll celebrate that with a cookie. :giggle: