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The UNLACED Authors are having a blog tour today, with something fun for everyone!

We thought we’d talk about ‘firsts’ on all our blogs–first kiss, first date, first love and first breakup. And while we’re juicing all the gossip, we’ll give you all a chance to share your first and also win some great books.

Here are the rules.

You start here, read all our answers, share your answer in the post below, then hop to the other authors’ blogs and read all our other firsts. It’s easy and I’ll provide the links below.

In my blog we’re going to discuss our FIRST KISS.

Jaci Burton

I was 13, and at a party with a bunch of my friends. There was this gorgeous boy who I’d never seen before. He didn’t go to our school so I had no idea who he was, but I was mesmerized, because he was beautiful. Long blond hair, and the bluest eyes I’d ever seen, along with kissable full lips. For some reason we gravitated toward each other at the party and started talking–and believe me, for a shy gawky girl like me, this was a big deal. I could hardly believe he was paying attention to me at all. And when my curfew time hit and he offered to walk me home (I lived just across the alley), I was walking on the clouds, I was so excited! He held my hand and I think it was the slowest walk of my life. We stepped up onto my front porch and he looked at me (and omg, those eyes again…even in the dark I could swear they glowed). He pulled me into his arms and pressed his soft lips against mine. I was shaking, my heart pounded, and I had absolutely no idea what to do. I just knew I was experiencing my first kiss and it was wonderful. And then he slid his tongue in my mouth. Omg! Was that supposed to happen? What was I supposed to do with my tongue? Ack! I was so out of my element here. And then it was over, and he said goodbye. My lips were wet and I recall touching my fingertips to them.

I don’t think I slept at all that night.

I still laugh at how awkward and naive I was that I had no idea what french kissing was. :giggle:

Jasmine Haynes

My first kiss was Steve, and I was 14.  Two years older than me, he was the neighborhood bad boy, he rode a sexy motorcycle, and I thought he was so foxy (umm, yep, that was our terminology back then).  He tried to French kiss me, but I didn’t know what it was (call me a late bloomer, I guess).  I remembering telling my friend later, “he kept trying to put his tongue in my mouth.”  She was older and she laughed hysterically, then told me lots of people kissed that way.  I was used to watching classic movies, and they never kissed like that!  Married people even had twin beds in those movies.  Needless to say, Steve didn’t kiss me again, French kiss or otherwise.

Joey Hill

I think I actually kissed my first boy in first grade, and it was either a boy named Alex or Paul – Alex was slim and nerdy looking, Paul was cute and more athletic (and what is athletic in first grade? I have no clue). However, I can’t remember much about that clearly. I remember asking one of them to kiss me behind the filmstrip view screen, but can’t remember if that happened or not, or which one did it. I know I had at least one fantasy kiss with Batman around the same time – yes, Adam West Batman – loved that show and his commanding voice. Never realized how tongue-in-cheek that show was until I re-visited it years later and spent an afternoon being utterly rolled over by the dry humor. Okay, back to first kiss. Tthis is going to seem very odd, but if I go with the “first kiss” I remember clearly enough to say something intelligent about it, that was the first kiss I shared with my husband. I’m not fooling. I mean, I remember kissing other guys before him, but not “the first kiss”. My husband insists I remember his kiss so clearly because either 1) it was my first “real” kiss (ha!), or 2) he about knocked me unconscious with his elbow accomplishing it. We were sitting on the front porch swing at the humane society where I was working as live-in caretaker, and he was going to put his arm around me and then try to kiss me. You guessed it, he miscalculated the arc needed to clear my face and elbowed me in the nose. Afterwards he kissed it all better. It was the first of many wonderful kisses to come. Just an additional sweet note about my husband – he was shy, and so the first time he held my hand, we were sitting on the carpet, watching a movie at his and his roommate’s apartment. He slid his hand over next to mine and just overlapped my pinkie with his. I was so conscious of that one touch, can’t remember even what we were watching!

Denise Rossetti

I was sixteen. Okay, I’m a late bloomer, but I had no desire whatsoever to lock lips with the boy over the road, who’d been the only candidate up to that point. Ah, my first kiss was with Gary the Hopeful… He took me parking and I’m sure he thought all his Christmases had come at once when he discovered I had no idea how to kiss, not a clue. To say he dedicated himself to the role of tutor is an incredible understatement.  Such selfless commitment, such enthusiasm. Eventually, I caught on…


Now, for your chance to win an autographed copy of my print book, HOLIDAY SEDUCTION, tell me about your first kiss. Then go to the other author’s blogs and continue the game for a chance to win more prizes! (links below)

I’ll choose a winner on Monday, December 8th. Please check back then to see if you’ve won. Winner will have 7 days from that date to notify me or I’ll redraw for another winner.

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