Lauren Dane’s Undercover



As a lieutenant of the Federation military, Sera Ayers is accustomed to giving orders, not taking them. Now she must obey the one man she can’t stand—and can’t stop thinking about.

With the enemy Imperialists gaining ground, a covert team is assembled by Ash Walker. Ten years before, Sera had lovingly submitted to Ash’s dominance in the bedroom. But when he was forced into a political marriage, she refused to play mistress. His marriage now over, Ash wants Sera on his team—and back in his bed.

The third team member, Brandt Pela, has an elegance to match Ash’s savage sexuality. And when their undercover plan requires Sera to pose as Brandt’s lover, it ignites a passion among the three of them more dangerous than their mission.

I was lucky enough to read this book early, and it was wonderful. It’s totally unique–a futuristic menage. Wholly romantic, lost lovers found again, a menage, and a touch of male/male that works so well in this story. It has a little of everything in it, but none of it takes away from the core romance between Sera and Ash. Everything in this book blends beautifully together, especially the three main characters.

I loved Sera’s strength. But what I also love about strong heroines is their ability to be vulnerable, and Sera also had that, especially with Ash. It takes a strong woman to show the man she loves her weaknesses, and Sera was able to do that. In turn, it also takes a strong man to show a woman his weaknesses, and that’s where Ash shines. And in the mix of all this is Brandt, a vital piece of the puzzle who can help them fit together.

Lauren has written a beautiful romance, charged with heat. I urge you all to buy this. Her characterization is incredible. You will fall madly in love with these characters and this new, exciting world she’s created.

On sale Tuesday, Dec 2nd.

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