The Magnificent Eight Blog Tour Contest!!!


Are you all ready for a fun contest?

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Here’s how it works. Eight authors will each ask a question on their blogs. We’ll each answer the question, then ask you to also answer the question. You can go to each of our blogs to participate for a chance to win tons of prizes.

Woo hooo! :boobie:

Here’s my question:

You’ve just won a million dollars. What are you going to do with it?

Riding Temptation Med My answer: Party my ass off for about a week, maybe take a trip to a far away beach, then pay off my house and any bills, give some money to my kids, give a chunk to my favorite charities and put whatever’s left away for retirement.


chosensinmedium Anya Bast’s Answer: Buy a new house outright and pay off all our bills, give some money to various family members, and then take a nice vacation if there’s any left


9780373605279_TS_SMP.indd Megan Hart’s Answer: If I won a million dollars, I’d pay off my house and all debts, put the rest aside for my kids education and take a month long trip around the world.


Patrice Michelle Patrice Michelle’s Answer: If I won a million dollars, I’d invite my entire family on a week long vacation.  Then I’d travel around for a month before I returned home and considered the best avenue to invest the rest of the money.

UNDERCOVER_200x300 Lauren Dane’s Answer: If I won a million dollars I’d pay off the house, make sure my kids all had enough money to go to the college, help my parents out, give some to our favorite charities and our alma mater – with the small amount left, we’d go on vacation – spend like the entire summer traveling as a family all over Europe and Asia.


ambientlight_msr Mandy Roth’s Answer: Buy a house that needed work and was rumored to be haunted. I’m thinking it would be the gift that kept on giving, exciting my muse to no end. Plus, it would cut down on unwanted visitors.


A Mermaid's Kiss 865 x1294 Joey Hill’s Answer: First I’d be far more responsible than I’ve ever been in the past. I’d pay off all my debts and put 10% of it into long term savings so I could more comfortably weather economic crisis, just as my mother’s always told me to do (lol). Then I’d use 10% on charities, including setting up a free spay/neuter mobile vet unit in my county to reduce unwanted puppies and kittens. After that I’d take my Mom on a trip to Australia and let my husband start his own business, whatever business he wants. Finally, I’d let myself visit the $5 DVD rack at Wal-mart as much as I want (right now I limit myself to one movie every 2-4 weeks). I love movies!


MISSING-140px Shiloh Walker’s Answer: I’m gonna pay off my house, pay off the houses for my brothers, give some money to my church and some of my fave charities, put some aside for retirement (probably in glass jars buried in my yard considering how banks are going these days) and then I’ll use the rest for a first-class trip to Ireland, Scotland and Australia.


Now for the prize. I’m giving away a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate! To be entered for the prize, it’s your turn to answer my question! I’ll draw for a winner on Friday so be sure to check back here to see if you’ve won. You’ll have 7 days from Friday to claim your prize or I’ll draw for a new winner.

Make sure you go to everyone else’s blogs to be eligible to win their prizes too (hyperlinks to their blogs are in their names above). And be sure to check out all these awesome authors and their books! :cheer:

Have fun!