Unraveled 72 WEB

Mitch: What are we doing here?

Greta: (whispering) She’s adding and cutting scenes.

Mitch: Why?

Greta: Cuz her editor said so.

Mitch: Why?

Greta: Cuz she said so! God, are you dense?

Mitch: Hey, I was just asking. I thought our book turned out great.

Jaci: *grumblesnifflesneezebitchmoanwhine* Just shut up and do what I tell you to do.

Greta: See, I told you she was cranky today. She’s sick.

Mitch: *recoils in horror*.  She’s editing us while she’s sick and bitchy?

Jaci: I freakin heard that, Mitch. I can edit out some sex scenes if you don’t behave.

Greta: *elbowing Mitch in the ribs*. Nice going, moron. Now she’s going to take our sex away.

Mitch: No she’s not. She loves the sex scenes. *hands Jaci tea and tissues and whispers in her ear…..* As long as you’re editing, I had this great idea for another sex scene. Greta and me on my yacht in the ocean, full moon, we have champagne. Strawberries. Chocolate sauce….

Jaci: Ugh! *glares and sneezes on Mitch*

Greta: Moonlight nights? Strawberries and chocolate? Gag me. What have you been reading?

Mitch: What’s wrong with that scene?

Greta: Damn good thing you’re not the writer.

Jaci: I’m TRYING to work here, you idiots.

Mitch: Damn, you’re irritable, woman. You need a nap.

Jaci: Mitch, I am so going to kill you off in this book…..

Greta: *gasp* Oh come on. He’s my man. I didn’t go through all the hell in this book to have you slice and dice him in edits.

Jaci: And you’re next, Greta. *sneezes*

Greta: This is all her editor’s fault *pout*


(If certain annoying characters survive edits, UNRAVELED will release from Samhain on Dec 23rd).