Booksigning Pics!

The booksigning today was awesome. The Books-A-Million people rock, the new store was incredible, and I can’t think of better people to sign with than Michele Bardsley, Dakota Cassidy and Shayla Black. I had such fun and I chalk it all up to the amazing people I got to spend a few hours with.

Writing is such a solitary endeavor, and I definitely don’t get out much. It was nice to spend a few hours with friends like Shayla, Dakota, Michele, Nikki and Greta. I got to laugh…a lot!  And I got to see a few familiar faces (waves to "Bookgirl" Carrie and Emily). Thanks to everyone who came–big apologies to Deanna who showed up just as we were leaving. Sorry we missed you!

Extra special thanks to my husband, Biker Dude, who always comes to these events with me and I’m sure is always bored senseless. But it means a lot to me that you’re there. Thanks babe! :heart:

Now for some pics:

Michele Bardsley, Me, Chris of BAM, Shayla Black and Dakota Cassidy

BAM Booksigning 1


Top Row: Michele Bardsley, Chris of BAM, Dakota Cassidy

Bottom Row: Me and Shayla Black

BAM Booksigning 2


Shayla Black, Me and Nikki

BAM Booksigning 5


Me and Greta

BAM Booksigning 7


Me and Biker Dude

BAM Booksigning 8