This n That Thursday

First, don’t forget the madness that is the Writeminded Reader Appreciation Party, going on every day until Oct 22! Today is Bantam Dell day and we’re still giving away a ton of books several times a day so head on over there!

I received some awesome news yesterday. My editor told me that RIDING TEMPTATION made the Borders bestseller list! :cheer:

This only happens because readers buy my books. I can’t thank you enough for your faith in me. I appreciate it so much and it means a lot to me when I hear from readers who’ve read my books. So whatever you have to say, please let me know how you feel!

And speaking of feedback, several more bloggers have reviewed RIDING TEMPTATION. Check out their blog reviews:

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A huge thanks to all the bloggers who have reviewed my book! :doglick:


And finally, CSI is back tonight! Can’t wait! :boobie: