The Writeminded Reader Appreciation Party!

I blog regularly over at the Writeminded blog, along with Amy Knupp, Maya Banks, Larissa Ione and Stephanie Tyler. Once a year there’s a huge reader appreciation party that goes on for two weeks, and tons of books are given away.

This year’s party starts today and will run through Oct. 22! There’ll be guest authors and books donated by all our publishers, plus two grand prizes at the end–a tote bag filled with Writeminded authors books, and we’re giving away an e-bookwise ebook reader! You don’t want to miss this extravaganza!

The annual Reader Appreciation party starts today, so head on over there and mark your calendars to participate every day. There will be at least three posts a day, and we plan to give away around 300 books (yes…300 books). To read the preview post and the rules, click here.

The party’s already started!