Left Behind & Loving It Workshop – Anatomy of Sex Scenes – Q&A- And Prizes!



The five workshops posted on this blog are the complete Anatomy of Sex Scenes workshop. Now it’s Q&A time, so if writers, or readers, have any questions about sex scenes, feel free to post them here or within any of the individual workshop blog posts and I’ll do my best to answer.

Now for prizes. I’ll be drawing prizes from the comments posted at all five workshops, plus here. 3 Winners will be drawn at random. Prizes will be:

THE COMPLETE IDIOT’S GUIDE TO WRITING EROTIC ROMANCE by Alison Kent – This is an awesome writer’s tool, and really, it contains way more information than just for writing erotic romance. It’s a great all around writing guideline, and a tool you can use no matter what kind of love scenes you intend to write.

A $15 Gift Certificate from Amazon. So you can go buy great books with rockin sex scenes. :giggle:

An autographed copy of any book from my backlist. Your choice. There’s sex in all of them. Heh.

I’ll draw a winner on Monday. Thanks to everyone who stopped by!