Bikes, Blood and Sunburns

I’ve had a great weekend. Long weekend, though, and a lot of it was spent in the hot sun. I’m exhausted. But we had fun! The Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) had their state rally in Tulsa this year, so Biker Dude signed us up. Lots of fun events, like scenic rides, poker runs, dances, bike shows, free food, vendors, etc. Thursday night we rode over to the Marriott in Tulsa where the event was held and registered so we’d get our packet of info, bracelets (you had to wear your bracelet all weekend so you could get into all the events and rides and such), then we met Biker Dude’s friend at his house and rode back to the rally.

Weather by about 5 p.m. was in the mid-90’s. Vendor tents were set up in the parking lot–where there’s no shade. When we ride, it’s jeans and boots and I wore a tank top. I was dying of the heat. Bleh. Anyway, Biker Dude found this vendor who added memory foam to the bike seats.  I have this tiny little spot on the back where my butt goes. And my ass gets tired and sore really fast, so he told the guy to go ahead and add foam to the seat, both my part and his. Biker Dude had to take off the back bag we take along with us, and he uses reinforcing strips to hold it to the sissy bar, so he took out his knife to slice through those strips.

Yeah, he knifed right through his finger, so he turns to me and says, "Hey, do something about this".

This was a crapload of blood streaming down his hand. *rolls eyes*. Now having been married to this man for awhile, I’m now used to him cutting himself, bashing himself or otherwise in some way hurting himself on a regular basis. Therefore when I look at him and see blood, I don’t panic.

So I just grab his hand while he’s bleeding profusely on the asphalt and say, "Well don’t get any on your boots." :giggle: He whips out a cloth and we apply pressure for quite some time. The poor vendor is having apoplexy over so much blood. I’m irritated because Biker Dude has managed to bleed on my jeans. Heh. After about a half hour the bleeding slowed down. He really needed a couple stitches, but of course that wasn’t going to happen (stitches would interfere with his fun, ya know). We ended up riding to Walgreens (after the bike seat was done, of course) and getting a butterfly bandaid to put on it.

Men. :dumbass:

Friday was a long scenic ride which I declined, so Biker Dude and his friend took that one. I had just finished up editing my book, it had been a long damn week for me, and I took the entire day to myself. I went to Starbucks in the morning, finished reading a book, watched TV, laid out in the sun on my hammock, and basically did nothing of value the entire day. Ahhhhhhh. I enjoyed it a ton. Friday night we watched fireworks. Very low key and a great day.

Saturday we rode to the Harley dealership for free lunch, went to see a bike show and just hung out at the rally. Another really freakin hot day and I ended up sunburned. There was a band Saturday night at the Cain’s Ballroom which the rally rented out just for the rally participants, so that was cool. Great band, very rock bluesy similar to Skynrd. All in all a great weekend.

Today it’s back to reality– :laundry:

How was your weekend?