It’s Read An E-book Week!

March 9-15th is Read An E-book week. For more info, read about it here

I got my publishing start in e-publishing and I’m still there. The e-publishing world can open your eyes to amazing new books and authors you’ve never read before. And you don’t need an e-book reader, all you need is your computer. If you haven’t given e-books a try, this is your week to do so. And if you love e-books like I do, this is a great week to celebrate that love! :boobie:

Over at the Writeminded blog, we’ll be giving away e-books all week long, so be sure to stop by every day.

And Samhain Publishing is hosting Reader appreciation week and they’re doing an e-book fest over at the Samhain cafe yahoo group. There will be excerpts, guest authors and prizes every day, so go over and join in. I’ll be there on Thursday so be sure to come join me because I’ll be giving away prizes and featuring some of my e-book releases.

This is your week to join in the e-book love!

Oh, and keep your eye on my blog here. I’ll be excerpting some of my e-books and I might be giving prizes away here too. :sasmokin: