Doesn’t This Book Sound Great?

I was reading the Samhain blog today and came across this book. I don’t know this author, never met her, but fell in love with the title of this book and the cover, so I bought it.

If you want to read more about the book, check out Kerri’s blog post here, because she has a rockin’ awesome video about the book posted, and you can read more about the book and find the buy link here.
Blurb below

Kyra Adams feels like she is living someone else’s life. The problem is, she’s right…

At thirty-six, Kyra has a workaholic husband, an ailing mother, a radiant daughter, and a dream home in the heart of suburbia. Her days are filled with saccharine ‘Mommy and Me’ play dates, but her nights are haunted by terrifying dreams of a girl with no reflection.

When her daughter becomes lost in a department store, Kyra’s dream intrudes on her waking state, and a threatening voice in her head challenges, “If you lost her, who would you be?”

Terrified by the realization that she is disappearing into the footnotes of other people’s lives, and yearning for a full and genuine life of her own, Kyra seeks solace at a writer’s retreat in rural Vermont. What she expects are answers. But what she finds is a deeply troubled stranger with a tragic past, and a powerful secret that pierces into the heart of her family, testing the limits of forgiveness.

Are some secrets better left untold? Kyra is about to find out.

This is her debut book, so go show the love! :cheer: