Yayyy and Bleh

I finished my book! On time, by the end of November, just like I said I was going to! :boobie:

Sometimes I amaze myself with my ability to know my writing so well. But at the beginning of this week I looked at what I had left to write on Riding Temptation, and figured I could maybe do 15-20K this week. Daunting, yeah, but I knew where I wanted to go and figured I could get it done by Friday if I really pushed hard.

I really pushed hard and I did it. Book’s done. Now I have to edit it. Ick. I’m taking the weekend off.

Plus I’m sick. I had a cold about a month ago. That led to a nice 3 week lingering cough. Now I have another cold. WTF? (I blame the vitamins I recently started taking. Damn healthy shit)

I should take the rest of the day off and not have to do the dishes, right? There should be some form of damn celebration for finishing a freakin book, shouldn’t there? :giggle: