Happy Anniversary Samhain Publishing (And a Contest!)

Samhain Publishing just celebrated their 2nd anniversary, and in honor of that and because I think they’re so incredibly awesome (hey, they have to be a rockin publisher…I write for them :giggle:) I’m going to hold a contest.

But first, you have to suffer my ODE TO EBOOKS poem. With apologies to Dr. Seuss.

Why I love E-books

You can read them in a shed
You can read them in your bed
You can read them in the car
Or even when you’re at the bar

You can read them while you’re cleaning
Reading ebooks lead to dreaming
Reading them while eating dinner
Makes even brussel sprouts taste better

You can read them in the tub
You can read them with your hub
You can read them on a plane
A subway, bus, or commuter train
You can even read them in the rain!

Ebooks are the greatest things
Opening up your imaginings
They will go whereever you do
So you never will be blue
You can have so many books
In one device–unlike one book
Reading at your beck and call
Morning noon, night and all

I love my ebooks, yes I do
So much I gift one here, to you

So to win a Samhain ebook of your choice, post here and tell me whether you’ve read ebooks, why you like them, or if you haven’t read a book in e-format, why you haven’t tried them yet. I’m going to choose FIVE winners next week – one every day to win the Samhain ebook of their choice.

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