Nora Roberts is making me lose sleep

I’m losing sleep at night.

It’s all Nora’s fault.

Because of this:

HIGH NOON rocks.

Last night it was midnight. I’m barreling toward the finish of this book, and read until my eyes were crossing, until I couldn’t see anymore. I have 60 pages left, dammit, but I couldn’t see anymore. I had written all day long, and then read for about 5 hours and can’t put the book down.

60. Pages. Left.

And I HAD to go to bed.

I love this book. I WILL finish it tonight.

Nora’s killing me. 😥

ETA: Finished it. And now I’m sad because I wanted the story to go on and on. Loved it. Loved it. If y’all haven’t read it, get it. It’s fantastic! :cheer: