Corner Writing

Bet you thought this would be some great knowledge how-to on writing?


I’ve written myself into a plot corner.

Hate when that happens. 😳

I’ve been moving along pretty steadily in my plot, using my synopsis as a guideline, but now I need something to happen, but if I write it the way I need it to happen, all the characters will come across incredibly….stupid.

So…can’t do that. Which means I have to sit and ponder how to make what I need happen…happen, without making a bunch of demon hunters look like a bunch of dimwits.

Sometimes writing is a maze. You go one way and keep making your way around the maze with no problem. And sometimes you hit a block with no exit, so you have to back your way out, find another way to go. The important thing is to keep moving…always moving…never stop. You eventually find yourself on the right path again.

And while I paused writing this blog post, I figured out how to get out of the corner. Now I’m out of the maze and chugging along again. :giggle:

See? Just don’t stop moving. :sasmokin: