Chapter Twenty Four

“Something about the area bothering you, Lou?” Mandy asked.

“Yes. I feel a strong pull to that location.”

“But if it’s part of the cemetery, the demons wouldn’t use it, would they?” Dalton asked.

“I wouldn’t think so, unless the ground there hasn’t been consecrated.”

“You have no fucking idea what you’re doing do you, Jaci?” Ryder asked.

“Not really.”

“For the love of dick.” Mandy rolled her eyes. “We’re talking bullshit here. Would you move the plot along so we can do something besides talk in circles?”

“Um, I’m thinking.”

“This whole scene sucks,” Angelique said. “I’m in crisis here and you’re diddling with stupid dialogue.”

“Ummm, I got my hair done today.”

Angelique rolled her eyes. “I could care less about your hair. We’re at the climactic moment of the book and we need some action.”

“Action. Yeah. I’m working on getting to that.”

“You suck,” Ryder said. “Let me take over.”

“I don’t think so. I’ll figure this out. Maybe I need a nap.”

“Somebody out there help us!” Angelique cried.

Ryder stood. “Get the lasers.”

“Oh, fine. No nap. Would you all just go away so I can fix this scene?”

“Start with the dialogue. I’m starting to sound sappy,” Dalton said.

Jaci sighed. “Now you’re all critics. I’m thinking of hitting ‘save’ and going to Sonic for a Cookie Dough Blast instead of writing anymore today.”

“There’s no Sonic in Italy,” Mandy said. “When do we go back to the States?”

“Next book.”

“Which we’ll never get to as long as you keep dicking around with this chapter,” Ryder said.

Jaci clicked “save” and closed the file.

That problem was solved. Ahh, blissful silence awaited her. She wondered if General Hospital was on yet.