Reviews for Show Me!

Two reviews have come in for Show Me! :hips:

Jennifer of CK2’s Kwips and Critiques has this to say:

I won’t be shy about saying it – I loved this story! Jaci Burton has penned a tale that is smoking hot, and also manages to be extremely romantic. I felt every emotion these characters felt, and was on the edge of my seat until I finished the last chapter.

Thank you Jennifer!

And KarenH at The Romance Studio Said:

The seduction of Janine was a pleasure to experience and I greatly enjoyed reading this book. Del is as sexy as they come and a great guy; every woman’s fantasy. There is lots of really hot sex in this book, a lot of it public with the added thrill that they could be caught, even though that was Janine’s worst nightmare. The storyline is clever and engaging. The characters came alive and I couldn’t help caring about them. I really enjoyed this spicy story about the path to true love. I recommend it highly.

Thank you Karen!

You can purchase Show Me here at Samhain Publishing