Left behind

With Jaci, Angie and Mandy all gone to RWA, poor Mel and I are left behind to amuse ourselves. Now, we could use this period of IM slowdown to write, but what fun is that?

So what did we do last night? Find out after the jump.

Somewhere in Oklahoma

Two shadowy figures creep through the home of Jaci Burton. Their objective: hack into Jaci’s computer and copy the file containing The Demon’s Touch.

Mel: She would have given it to us if we’d asked, you know.

Shan: This is way more fun. Let’s Saran Wrap her toilet while we’re here.

Mel: Stop shining the flashlight in my eyes.

Shan: OMG, look at all those shoes! We should hide them.

Mel: She’s only gone a few days. We’d need to call in the National Guard to get it done in time.

Shan: True. I’m thirsty. Let’s Mapquest up a Dunkin Donuts.

Mel: Wait, she’s got Captain Morgan. We could drink it all, so when she comes home, she’ll say—

Together: But why is the rum gone?

Two hours later…

Mel: Stop hic singing, get off the table and hic put your shirt back on.

Shan: Can’t. Room…hic…spinning. Get off the Harley and help me.

Mel: I hope Charlie doesn’t mind I parked it in the hic kitchen.

Shan: Oooh, look at the pretty blue flashing lights.

Mel: We’re hunting for demons, officer.

Officer: Names?

Mel: I don’t think they have names. But they smell bad.

Officer: Your names.

Shan: I’m..ummm…hic Mandy Roth.

Mel: Oooh, fun! I’ll be Angie.

Shan: Crap. One of us should have said Jaci.

Officer: I don’t think I’ve seen a Harley parked in a kitchen before.

Together: Clearly you’ve never been to Singapore.