Thursday Thirteen No. 23

Holy crap it’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these.

Anyway, in honor of Samhain’s First Line contest that I can’t enter since I already write for them, I thought I’d do 13 of my first lines from some of my books. (And by the way, Samhain’s contest ends Friday at noon Eastern, so you still have time to enter!)

First lines are really important. At least in my opinion. You have a limited amount of time to grab a reader’s interest.

So here are 13 of mine…which I hope are vaguely interesting:

1. From SURVIVING DEMON ISLAND (Available now from Bantam Dell): Get into character, Gina.

2. From HUNTING THE DEMON: (releasing Aug 28, 2007 from Bantam Dell :giggle:) : Nic Diavolo stood in the dark place, hundreds of clawed hands reaching for him.

3. From WILD WICKED & WANTON (Released May 1st from Berkley): Abby Lawson stood outside the door to Dr. Mike Nottingham’s office and raised her hand to knock, then stopped.

4. From WILD NIGHTS in the EXCLUSIVE anthology (Releasing September 4th from Berkley): Mike Nottingham cocked a brow at the gold foil lined envelope sliding across the table.

5. From THE DEMON’S TOUCH (Releasing in 2008 from Bantam Dell :neener:): Ryder was hunting again, and damn it felt good.

6. From SHOW ME (Releasing July 17th from Samhain Publishing): “Quit fidgeting,” Melinda said, tapping at Janine’s hand.

7. From NOTHING PERSONAL (Available now at Samhain Publishing): “If you think Ryan McKay’s so hot, Faith, then you marry him.”

8. From OUT OF THE DARKNESS (Available now from Ellora’s Cave): Need slammed into Harlee, burning along her nerve endings and stabbing her womb, a sizzle of heated desire singeing her oversensitized nipples.

9. From RESCUE ME (Available now from Samhain Publishing): “I’m here to rescue you.”

10. From ANIMAL INSTINCTS (Available now from Ellora’s Cave): Moonlight Madison looked out the window of the Whipped Cream BDSM Club’s changing room, her gaze captured by the cheerfully bright orb in the sky.

11. From FALL FURY (Available now from Ellora’s Cave): Max read the road sign looming ahead with a sense of finality.

12. From FIERY FATE (Available now from Ellora’s Cave): Solara, faerie princess of D’Naath, shifted her position on the stairs and peered through the slats, figuring her vantage point would leave her unnoticed by the two men.

13. From MIDNIGHT VELVET (Available now from Ellora’s Cave): If she didn’t get some action soon, she was going to die of boredom.