Emma Wayne Porter’s “The Living Legend”

Emma is a very good friend of mine, and I read one of the renditions of this book a long time ago. It was brilliant then, and it’s phenomenal now.

If you love riveting contemporary romantic suspense, then you want this book. I highly recommend it. You’ll fall in love with Trick Mancini, just as those of us who’ve read him have.

But he’s mine. All mine, I tell you. :sasmokin:

Revenge is a dish best served bold…

Patrick “Trick” Mancini wants revenge. Not only has he learned that his boss, William Ormond, might be implicated in his mother’s death, he’s just found out Ormond has sent assassins after him. After sixteen years stealing for the good guys, Trick is prepared to turn bad if that means he can keep ahead of the assassins long enough to uncover some long-buried secrets.

Kate Crawford, Ormond’s niece, wants a normal life. Not that she knows what “normal” would feel like. When Trick drags her into his pursuit of the truth he threatens the last few things she still cares about. Forced to help him, she’s determined there are some secrets he won’t discover. Including the real reason she was compelled to break up with him ten years ago.

Now Trick and Kate are racing against time to find out what’s hidden in Ormond’s black files, fighting a passion that never went away…and trying to stay alive.

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