Meljean Brook’s Demon Moon

Demon Moon is releasing June 5th.

Well. Where do I start? Meljean’s worldbuilding is simply stunning. Grab your popcorn and something to drink and settle in for an epic journey of lush, lyrical prose, and an adventure unlike anything you’ve ever read.

Too many times I hear readers complain that so many paranormals are just a lot of the ‘same old thing’. Meljean’s world isn’t at all the same old thing. It’s utterly unique. I’ve never read anything like these books before. Her writing is a hip, modern take on a centuries old world and an ancient battle. There are monsters, horrors, gruesomeness, but also heartbreaking tenderness and some of the hottest sexual tension I have ever experienced. (Pant, pant, drool, drool, and omg Meljean I wanted to beat you over the head for making me WAIT! Holy crap! But oh so well worth it. YOWZA! :sasmokin:)

Colin is simply a fantastic hero. He makes no excuses for who and what he is, nor for his arrogance and flaws. I love that about him. But underneath, the reader senses what he really needs – Savi.

Savi is an incredible heroine. Strong, yet vulnerable. Not perfect, either, and yet drawn to Colin in a way that made my heart break (though I wanted to push her aside and jump Colin myself…heh).

I really want to blab on and on about this book, but I don’t want to give anything away. Trust me when I say that it’s worth reading. And you know me…I don’t have time to read. So when I say it’s really damn good…it’s really damn good.

Demon Moon is the followup to Demon Angel. No, in my opinion, these books don’t stand alone. If you haven’t read Demon Angel, you need to. And you really want to. These books are well worth reading. Take the time, enjoy immersing yourself in this incredible, unique world that Meljean has created.

Order Demon Moon here. If you haven’t read Demon Angel, order that too. Read them both. You won’t regret it.