Thursday Thirteen No. 22

Thirteen Random Things

1. We have a visitor from out of town this week so my schedule is all screwed up, meaning I’m not getting a damn thing done. Love having him here, though, so I’ll gladly give up a week of work. He’s my son’s best friend and actually lived with us for a while when he was a teen, so he’s like one of my kids. Okay, not a kid anymore since he’s married with kids of his own, but it’s like having ‘family’ visit. Loving it.

2. My TBR ARC pile is getting horrendously out of control. I’m going to have to take another week (or two) off writing just to read all the books I need to read. (Y’all don’t feel sorry for me, do you? (I know Angie doesn’t.)

3. There’s still a lake in my side yard from all the rain we’ve had the past week. It can stop raining for a while now so the lake can dry up.

4. My dog threw up 4 times in the middle of the night. At least he has the decency to jump off the bed first. Thanks Jaz. :barf: (Note to dog: Quit eating plastic things…. :dumbass: )

5. My Berkley Heat book, Wild, Wicked & Wanton, releases in 12 days. You can preorder it here. Or just pick it up at your local bookstore on May 1st. (subtle, aren’t I? :giggle: )

6. Sanjaya got kicked off American Idol last night! :cheer: I’m sure millions of 10 year old girls are weeping in their conflakes this morning. I feel no sympathy. :sasmokin:

7. Speaking of Wild, Wicked & Wanton, check out my right hand side bar for some awesome blogger reviews of my book! (More sublety. I’m a master at it. :giggle: )

8. I just now remembered I’m supposed to be working on a secret project. Clearly it’s so secret I forgot about it.

9. We’ve been looking at houses this week while my visitor is here. We’re not house hunting for ourselves, but it still gives me painting and decorating ideas. Fun stuff. Biker Dude is not thrilled when I get painting and decorating ideas, since those usually involve a great amount of money. Heh.

10. I got a video IPOD this week! My very first Ipod. I’m so excited. If only I knew what to do with it. :chair: Fortunately we have a teenage daughter who handles all our electronics for us. I’ll just wait for her to show up after school today and upload all the music from her Itunes folder to my Ipod.

11. Have you preordered Wild, Wicked & Wanton yet?….. Just checking. :bat:

12. It’s bike riding weather. Warm and sunny outside. Hard to ride the bike when you have a visitor. No room for that third person, ya know. Just sayin…. :charlie:

13. If anyone wants a Wild, Wicked & Wanton bookmark, email me at and I’ll send you one. And did you know it’s releasing from Berkley on May 1st?