Thursday Thirteen #19

Thirteen Reasons I Admire Biker Dude

For those who don’t know, Biker Dude is my husband Charlie. :charlie:

We’ve been married for 5 years. This is a second marriage for both of us. I have two sons from my first marriage, both grown and living in another state. Charlie has a teen daughter and he shares custody with his ex. There’s a bit of background for you.

Now here are the reasons I admire him:

1. He’ll drop whatever he’s doing if any one of his family or friends need help. For as long as they need the help.

2. His unconditional love for his daughter. He’s a very tough guy who doesn’t often show his emotions, but he adores his daughter.

3. The way he treats my sons, just like they’re his own, the way he talks to them on the phone, the way he shares their triumphs and sorrows. There is no separation of family. They’re just as much his boys as they are mine. I love this about him.

4. The way he can work with his hands to build something or fix something. Raworrr, that’s so sexy!

5. He’s not a wimp. He’s not afraid of hard work, or of getting dirty or sweating or working his ass off.

6. He holds my head up when I’m sick. I mean really really sick. Bodily functions don’t faze him. You have to love a man who’ll get into the trenches with you when it’s really gross. Know what I mean?

7. He doesn’t hold a grudge. I’ve seen him fiercely angry (at me and at other people). Five minutes after it’s over, it’s over. And I mean forever. He’ll never throw something back at you a year later.

8. He’s a man of honor and integrity. He doesn’t lie. I trust him 100%. It’s an amazing feeling having a man like that in my life.

9. He fought in a war (Vietnam), doesn’t talk about it, doesn’t brag about it, doesn’t whine about it. He just did his thing and that’s it.

10. He never brags on his intelligence, which is quite impressive. He has a high IQ but never touts it publicly. (I just did :giggle:)

11. He knows math. Really really well (This probably goes with #10). Now since I suck at Math, I think anyone who can do complex formulas in their head is a freakin genius. So I admire the hell out of his ability to do what I call ‘math thingies’.

12. He has vicious tendonitis in his right arm, but he’ll gladly give me a 20 minute backrub, or massage my neck and shoulders, even though I know it hurts him.

13. He loves me unconditionally, puts up with my moodiness, crankiness, hysteria about deadlines, angsts, whining, bitching, etc etc etc about my writing career. Putting up with me is NOT easy, but he does it. And he says he loves me. Can you imagine? :heart:

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