Guest Blogger Shannon Stacey

I’m pleased to have a guest – Shannon Stacey, author of the fabulous Devlin Group series. I asked Shan to do a little Q&A about the Devlin Group, mainly because I’m madly in love with the series, and the second book releases on Tuesday from Samhain publishing. If you haven’t read the first book, 72 Hours, get it now in preparation for the release of On the Edge this week. I’ve read both. If you like action, adventure, danger, tension, hot men and dangerous women (or is it dangerous men and hot women?) Either way…the books freakin rock!

And for every one who posts a comment, you’re entered for a chance to win a download of ON THE EDGE. So comment! :giggle:. I’ll draw a winner Monday night. (Thanks for offering up the prize, Shan!)

Thank you for agreeing to guest blog, Shan. (It’s so hard to get her out from under her desk. I had to entice her with an oversized bag of Doritos and an extra large Dunkin Donuts iced coffee :giggle:)


I’ve never been a guest blogger before! How exciting! I think I have stage fright, but I did get dressed and brush my hair. I couldn’t find any nylons without runs, though. When I panicked and couldn’t think of anything to say, some questions were thrown my way, so I’ll do my best to answer them.

Where did the Devlin Group series come from?

It all started with an image in my head of a frustrated mom burning chocolate chip cookies. She was denying what she was—what she was good at—in an effort to be what she perceived as the perfect mom. It wasn’t working too well for her. These were the first words written for the Devlin Group series:

She could disable any security system known to man, and sell the CIA its damn own secrets, for chrissake. Why the hell couldn’t she bake a decent batch of cookies? A boy should come home from a long day in second grade to something warm and homemade with love.

It grew from there. Her past life with the Devlin Group walks through her door in the form of her son’s kidnapper, and she’s forced to balance the woman she was with the woman she’s trying to be. Throw in her former partner—on the job and in bed—along with guns, a villain from the hero’s past and a stealth helicopter, and the Devlin Group series was born.

What is the Devlin Group?

The tagline is: A privately-owned rogue agency unhindered by red tape and jurisdiction. They’re essentially secret agents for hire—they do private work, as well as doing “under the table” jobs for governments. The agents have varied backgrounds and specialties, and they work with a top-notch support staff. Needless to say, they have the coolest toys.

Is On the Edge Gallagher’s book?

Nope. I had planned to do Gallagher’s book next, but Tony and Charlotte were very insistent about it being their turn. So Gallagher will have to suffer some more.

Well, when is it Gallagher’s turn, dammit?

I plan for his story to be next. While 72 Hours and On the Edge take place in warm, sunny Key West and Greece, Gallagher’s going to fight for his life—and his heroine’s—in the brutal winter climate of the White Mountains of NH.

So what’s On the Edge about, if not Gallagher?

Tony Casavetti—a loner who specializes in deep undercover work—and Charlotte Rhames—the Group’s executive administrator—are thrown together in On the Edge after a bomb throws the Devlin Group into chaos. Together they travel to Greece to track down a traitorous agent and the man who paid him. Bullets and sparks fly, but Tony struggles with the sacrifice Charlotte’s willing to make for him and they fear for their hearts as well as their lives.

Will Ezmerelda ever be a Devlin Group agent?

Oh, hell no. Don’t even go putting those ideas into her head. It’s bad enough she keeps hijacking my blog so people can talk directly to her. To quote a favorite pirate, there’d be no living with her after that.

How many Devlin Group books will there be?

At least one more, I hope. As long as the stories stay fresh and are as well-received by readers and reviewers as 72 Hours has been, the agents will probably keep tapping me on the shoulder and whispering their stories in my ear. While there are challenges to writing a series, it’s fun to see how the characters change along the way. Gallagher, for instance, is really torn out of his element in On the Edge and thrust into a role he’s not well-suited for. I have no doubt while I’m writing Gallagher’s story, another agent will step up to the plate and demand his or her turn at bat.

Will the Devlin Group series be available in print?

72 Hours and On the Edge will be combined for a print edition titled The Devlin Group: Adrenaline, which is tentatively scheduled for June 19th release. I’ve seen a preliminary version of the cover and it’s wicked cool! I can’t wait to share it with everybody.

Where can I read an excerpt?

There’s an excerpt posted on the On the Edge page of my website. It’s the opening of the book, and suspense and gunshots ensue!

Thank you, Jaci, for inviting me to be a guest blogger today! I’m very excited about On the Edge releasing tomorrow, and it’s an honor to share my excitement with your readers!

UPDATED: Oh crap, after you comment, go see what Mel did to Ezmerelda—but back away from the drink first!