Fast Drafting My Way To The End of The Book

Since I have very little time to finish the book I’m writing, I’m going to Fast Draft my way to the end. Fast Draft is pure writing. No stopping, no thinking, no editing, no tweaking. Just writing as many pages as you can..the goal is about 20 pages a day, every day for 2 weeks, ideally, to get a complete draft of a book. My goal is to do as many pages a day as possible, hoepfully about 20, to get to the end of my book, because this baby is due due due like now now now!

Yesterday I did 12 pages because I had multiple errands to run. Bleh. But since I haven’t done that many pages in awhile, it was a really good start.

Anyone care to join in and start posting you own page count, feel free. I always like doing something like this in groups. And if you can’t do 20 a day, it’s fine. However many you want to set a personal goal for is good enough. I’ll chart my progress here so I can be accountable. The more the merrier, ya know. :giggle: