Thursday Thirteen #8

Thirteen Things I Resolve For Next Year

1. To NOT have to write in December. Too much going on

2. Schedule longer due dates for books

3. More prep time for plotting…and figure out that damn subplot stuff

4. Fewer trips…I don’t want to even count the # of trips Charlie and me took this year, other than too damn many. And other than a couple to see my mom, they were for either his business or mine. It’s exhausting, expensive, and plays havoc with my deadlines. *note to self – stay home and write!*

5. Not using the credit card – that thing gives me the heebie-jeebies

6. Spend less money

7. Save more money

8. See my boys and my granddaughter (which would require more trips, either for them or for me….hmmm, they’re younger – they can come see me)

9. Read more books – I didn’t do nearly enough of that this year and it really fires my creative juices, to not only take a break from my own work but to also really appreciate the talent of my peers. I miss reading!

10. Back to the gym. I miss working out!

11. Work on making my skin even thicker than it already was…metaphorically speaking, of course

12. Party more…stress less

13. Take more naps..hehehe

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