Thursday Thirteen #7 (And Contest Kickoff)

Thirteen Things I Think You’ll Like About Surviving Demon Island

13 Things I Think You’ll Like About Surviving Demon Island

1. Sexy, hero Derek Marks. He’s gorgeous, he’s tough, he’s in charge and he knows it. And when he falls for Gina, it’s a hard fall. Oh, I love it when an alpha male falls in love and learns to be vulnerable. Yummy.

2. Actress Gina Bliss. Capable, successful, can take care of herself, and dives right into action and adventure. When her world falls apart, she doesn’t. I love a strong heroine. But she also knows how to be vulnerable and she has her weak spots. She isn’t perfect and I love that about her.

3. So many fun secondary characters you’ll never be bored.

4. Men and lots of them…with muscles. *drool*

5. A tropical island paradise

6. Demons! And the baddest bad guys this side of Hell and damnation.

7. Kickass cool weaponry

8. Nonstop action

9. Suspense

10. Sex! Sex! Sex! Sweaty sex, even. (Hey, it’s the tropics)

11. Love and deep emotion. *sigh*

12. A surprise revelation. Or two. *grin*

13. The Twelve Days of Demon Island Giveaway that starts today right here on this blog! :Christmas:

Just post a comment and you’ll be entered to win a prize. What kind of prize? Oh, I have lots of prizes. It could be an autographed copy of Surviving Demon Island, it could be a Surviving Demon Island survival kit. It could be an amazon gift certificate. It could be an I *heart* Demons mirrored compact. It could be chocolate cigars(you have to read the book to understand the cigar reference:giggle:) . Or books. I have books, books to give away. I want you to read my books. All of them, so for each prize I give away, I’m giving away Jaci Burton books with it. And other goodies. For the next 12 days I’ll be giving away a prize pack a day, drawing one winner every day among everyone who comments. So comment away for your chance to win!

On The First Day of the Surviving Demon Island Giveaway, Jaci Burton Gave To Me……

hehehe. Not tellin’ :xmascheers::fire:

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