Day 5 of the 12 Days of Demon Island

Hey y’all – The supertalented authors at Squawk Radio are giving away an ARC of Surviving Demon Island today ! So make sure you visit their blog and enter their contests!

So let’s talk about gifts today. I love shopping for gifts. Though I complain about actually having to do the shopping, when I get into it, I enjoy it so much. Finding that perfect gift for all my friends and my loved ones. It’s actually a lot of fun. And knowing that I can make them happy or surprise them with something I’ve chosen….now that I love.

The hardest person to shop for is my husband. He just doesn’t want anything, and things he does want he generally has to get for himself–like Harley parts. :cry:. Or he’ll give me a list but the stuff is….boring. Surprising him with anything is a challenge every damn year.

Do you have ‘difficult’ people to buy for? Who’s the hardest person to buy for on your Christmas list? And if so, how do you overcome it?