Day 11 of the 12 Days of Demon Island Contest

Surviving Demon Island releases One Week From Today!!!!!!

This one’s easy today.

Tell me what you want for Christmas this year.

Me? I”m easy to buy for because I always have a list. I want a new winter coat. There’s a down coat I’ve been eyeing. And I need new sweatpants. I live in sweats in the winter and I’m just about out of sweats that I like and wear all the time. (Hope Santa is listening.). And underwear – I just love Victoria’s Secret underwear. And some long sleeved shirts would be nice.

And it seems that the longer the Christmas season goes, the more I can find that I want…imagine that. :bat:

Of course my birthday is in February so whatever I ask for and don’t get for Christmas typically goes on the birthday list :giggle:

So tell me what’s on your list. Santa’s listening, ya know.