Thursday Thirteen #6

Thirteen Things Parents Are Responsible For Teaching Their Children

(Special note to idiotic parents I see in public, on the news and read about– No, the school system is not responsible for raising your children – YOU are. And no, kids don’t pick these things up on their own. They learn by what they see you do, how you act toward them, and how you treat others. If you are an asshole, guess what? Your kids will be too. Your children are watching YOU!)

1. Manners (especially in public)

2. Kindness

3. Affection

4. Integrity, Honor and Honesty

5. Work Ethic

6. Food Choices

7. Exercise

8. How to save money

9. Reading (Yes, YOU the parent should read to your children. Every day. From an early early age. Foster their love of reading and you will raise smart kids. This isn’t hard.)

10. Respect for the world they live in

11. Respect for others

12. Self respect

13. Discipline

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