18 thoughts on “Surviving Demon Island – Video Trailer!!!

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    little lamb lost says:

    Intriguing trailer…

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    Cool trailer, Jaci :popcorn:

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    May says:

    😎 I likey trailer.

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    Kelly says:



    So have they started talking movie rights… :popcorn:

    You hit the bit time Jaci like I knew you would. I’m so excited for you…enjoy.

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    ag says:

    cool video, Jaci.

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    Jenn says:

    I want this book so bad. The trailer is awesome.

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    […] Okay, after you’ve put in your claim for a free book, hop over to Jaci’s where she’s posted this cool movie trailer for her latest book, Surviving Demon Island. Angie posted a list of 13 authors she’s given up on, so if you can think of any, pick up the thread. […]

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    WOWWW!!! That trailer rocks! It’s fabulous, Jaci! One of the best I’ve ever seen!


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    TJ Brown says:

    That’s a fabulous trailer. Even my teen son said it looked like a cool book. um… not readable by him is it? He is bummed cause he says Gena Showalters alien books look so good, but I won’t let him read them. He’s seventeen and his mind is full of enough images… Not sure I am ready to have him read about hot alien sex yet;-)

  12. 12
    Jaci says:

    No aliens have sex in my book, Teri :giggle:

    But humans do.

    I have a 17 year old daughter. If she asks I’ll probably let her read it. There’s hot sex in this book, but frankly I think she sees a lot more graphic stuff on Cinemax and HBO and at the movies. And some of the YA books she’s read are pretty mature these days.

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    Michelle says:

    Jaci – I already wrote this on Angie’s blog but I started reading this last night (for my other persona with RD – you know right? I’m starting to feel like I have split personalities!!). Anyway this book kicks ass!! :kickass: :whip2: (closest emoticon I could get LOL). I’m only part way through (yes, I’m sick and I put a book down even when I didn’t want to only because I have to still nurse a baby and take care of other kids. I am trying to be responsible! LOL) but so far I think this should be made in to a movie. Or maybe a movie would ruin the images in my head. Anyway, it is so good. Will have to give it much kisses!

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    scooper says:

    I can’t wait until Dec. to read this book. It’s now at the top of my list of Dec. releases. Nice trailer it was: :kickass:

  15. 15
    Monica says:

    😎 :clap: woohoo….loved the trailer.

  16. 16

    That was awesome! I can’t wait to get the book now. :popcorn:

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    Lara says:

    LOVE IT!! Ooh, and I’m totally green with envy, Jaci! Your trailer is awesome!!


  18. 18
    Mel says:

    Jaci–I FINALLY got a chance to watch the trailer….HOT! Girl it’s awesome! Can’t wait to buy this book :cheer:

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