Shannon Stacey’s “Interstellar Sparks”

Shan’s quickie released from Ellora’s Cave today.

You’ve got a sexually charged interstellar ambassador and one hot as hell human electrician. Interaction between them is forbidden by law. But when the two want to get together…well, let’s say you can’t fight biology.

Let me tell you. I’ve read this book and it rocks like hot smokin’ java!

You must read it!

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Interstellar Sparks By Shannon Stacey

After watching a late night sexy movie, Acelan Ambassador Ilyna is convinced a smoking hot electrician will fulfill her in ways a virtual reality partner cannot. Though sex with humans is prohibited, Ilyna thinks she can get away with it just this once.

Sparks fly when Ilyna pays human electrician Bryan Cameron a visit, and it’s a house call he’ll never forget. When he realizes the woman who short-circuited his brain and kept him up all night long is the missing Acelan ambassador, he has to do something to keep her from paying a horrible price for their passion.

But maybe hiding out in a sex club with a wildly libidinous alien wasn’t one of his better ideas…