An Auction For A Worthy Cause!!!

Julie Kenner is hosting an auction for a very worthy cause – LOVE WITHOUT BOUNDARIES.

Follow this link to bid, then read below and check out some of the incredible things being auctioned, including a signed ARC of SURVIVING DEMON ISLAND!

So please, go find something you want and bid! The auction goes live today!
Check out the info and the GINORMOUS list of participants after the jump!!!

These wonderful folks have donated their books, time and talent. Once the auction goes live on October 4, simply click on an item’s hyperlink to go to the eBay site to bid on their donation. Check back … more contributors added daily!

There’s something for everyone below: readers, writers (novels and screenplays), movie fans and just plain folks who love to shop!

To see all the items being sold to benefit Love Without Boundaries, follow this link! (Fundraiser items will appear and be available for bidding on 10/4)

LINKS TO INDIVIDUAL AUCTION CANNOT BE UPLOADED UNTIL THE AUCTION GOES LIVE PER EBAY FORMAT. LINKS WILL BE UPLOADED STARTING AT 9 A.M PST ON OCT.4 — to see an item once the auction has posted but before the link appears, use eBay’s advanced search feature and include key words and Seller ID of HDBOOKS

1492 Pictures(Movie Poster: Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone signed by director/producer Chris Columbus)
(Movie Poster: Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets, signed by Chris Columbus)
(Movie Poster: Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban, signed by Chris Columbus)

Susan King, Author
(copy of THE ROAD TO REBECCA signed by Susan and Becca King)
(scroll down to see Susan’s story about Gong Lu, a brave little girl helped by LWB!)

Julie Kenner, Author
(Julie’s entire backlist, signed, plus Advance copies of DEMONS ARE FOREVER & THE PRADA PARADOX)
(Julie’s Demon Series, signed, with advance copy of DEMONS ARE FOREVER)
(Carpe Demon CD audiobooks, signed)
(Entire manuscript critique)
(Red Prada purse, along with signed copies of THE GIVENCHY CODE, THE MANOLO MATRIX, and an advance copy of THE PRADA PARADOX)

Charlaine Harris, Author
(FULL manuscript critique!)

Laurell K. Hamilton
(signed copy of Strange Candy)

Christine Feehan, Author
(entire set of the GHOSTWALKER SERIES, signed, plus other goodies)

Eloisa James, Author
(entire set of the Sisters books, including an Advance Copy of Pleasure for Pleasure)

Joe R. Lansdale, Author
(Signed copies of The Bottoms and A Fine Dark Line)

Nora Roberts
(Signed copy of Angels Fall)

Mary Higgins Clark
(signed copy of Two Little Girls In Blue)

Carol Higgins Clark
(signed copy of Hitched)

Nelson DeMille
(collectible ceramic tile by Mr. DeMille and a coy of The General’s Daughter DVD)

JA Konrath, Author
(Signed hardback of Rusty Nail)

Liz Jarrett
(four part writers workbooks)

Laurie Notaro, Author
(signed copies of An Idiot Girl’s Christmas and We Thought You Would Be Prettier)

Dee Davis, Author
(First chapter critique and signed copies of entire Last Chance, Inc. series)

Kathleen O’Reilly, Author
(First chapter critique and signed copies of Kathleen’s trade paper releases, The Diva’s Guide to Selling Your Soul and Looking for Mr. Goodbunny)

Julia London, Author
(Entire Highlander Series signed!)
(Entire Lear Family Series signed!)

Joshilyn Jackson, Author
(signed hb first edition of Between, Georgia with audio CD & signed pb of Gods In Alabama with audio tape)

Alison Pace, Author
(Signed copy of Pug Hill)

Linda L. Richards, Author
(three signed Madeline Carter mysteries)

Martha O’Connor, Author
(signed hardback copy of The Bitch Posse)

Anne Frasier, Author
(signed copy of Play Dead, signed copy of Pale Immortal, the Pale Immortal trailer on DVD, and a CD from The Chambermaids, the band featured in the book video)

Gena Showalter, Author
(signed copies of The Stone Prince, The Pleasure Slave, Heart of the Dragon, Jewel of Atlantis, and Awaken Me Darkly)

Brenda Chin, Editor
(critique of first chapter and synopsis)

Jaci Burton, Author
(signed ADVANCE COPY of Surviving Demon Island)

Nalini Singh, Author
(three signed Silhouette Desires: Secrets in the Marriage Bed, Awaken the Senses, and Craving Beauty)

Trevor Engelson (Producer/Manager, Underground Films)

Kimberly Whalen, Agent
(Critique of first 15 pages)

Jenny Bent, Agent
(Critique of first 15 pages)

Shari Shattuck, Author
(entire Callaway Wilde series, signed)

Lauren McKenna, Editor
(Critique of first chapter and synop)

Anne Bohner, Editor
(critique of three chapters and synopsis)

Allison McCabe, Editor
(critique of three chapters and synopsis)

Julie Leto, Author
(Complete signed set of Julie’s seven 2006 releases!)

Carly Phillips, Author
(full set of HOT ZONE books, signed!)

Lara M. Zeises, Author
(Critique of 30 pp and a synop)
(signed hardcover of Anyone But You and a paperback of Contents Under Pressure)

Nichelle Tramble, Author
(critique of a full fiction manuscript)

Ellen Meister, Author
(signed copy of Secret Confessions of the Applewood PTA)

Jennifer O’Connell, Author
(three signed books – Bachelorette #1, Dress Rehearsal, Off the Record!)

Karin Gillespie, Author
(signed copy of Dollar Daze plus critique)

Cindi Myers, Author
(twelve signed books and tote bag)

Tanya Lee Stone, Author
(signed copy of A Bad Boy Can Be Good For A Girl)

Lauren Barnholdt, Author
(10 page critique plus signed copy of Reality Chick)

Jacquie D’Alessandro, Author
(signed hardcover collection of her Regency-era titles)
(signed set of her Harlequin contemporary books)

Stephanie Bond, Author
(signed copies of four books, and a t-shirt)

Jane Graves
(first chapter critique)

Vicki Lewis Thompson, Author
(signed set of all “Nerd” books)

Sam Bernstein, Author
(signed advance copy of Mr. Confidential: The Man, His Magazine & The Movieland Massacre That Changed HOllywood Forever)

Karen Kendall, Author
(signed copies of entire backlist plus bath goodies!)

L.C. Hayden, Author
(signed copies of six books!)

Lorraine Heath, Author
(autographed copy of Always to Remember, currently out of print!)
(bookbag filled with a 4-book complete autographed set of the Daughters of Fortune Series plus a 2-book bonus!)

Leslie Kelly, Author
(30 minute verbal critique and brainstorming session)

Diana Peterfreund, Author
(signed copy of Secret Society Girl plus a 3 chapter critique)

Emily McCay, Author
(first chapter critique plus one hour brainstorming session)

Dawn Atkins, Author
(3 Blaze titles: Simply Sex, Tease Me, & Very Truly Sexy)

Melissa Senate, Author
(35 page/synop critique and signed copies of The Breakup Club & Theadora Twist)

Liz Lounsbury, Author
Connie Brockway, Author
(Advance copy of Connie’s debut contemporary, Hot Dish, along with the out of print Anything for Love)

Colleen Collins, Author
(signed copy of The Perfect Girlfriend)

Sheila Curran, Author
(signed copy of Diana Lively is Falling Down)

Kyra Davis, Author
(signed copies of Sex, Murder and a Double Latte & Passion, Betrayal and Killer Highlights)

Tanya Michaels, Author
(signed copies of Tanya’s entire backlist to date and an advance copy of her November 2006 release, Motherhood Without Parole )

Megan Crane, Author
(signed copy of English as a Second Language)

Roxanne St. Claire, Author
(signed set of entire Bullet Catcher series – 3 novels and a novella – and an advance copy of the upcoming Take Me Tonight)
(critique of a romantic suspense proposal – 3 chapters and synop)

Caridad Ferrer, Author
(signed copy of Adios to My Old Life)

Caridad Pineiro, Author
(signed complete set of The Calling Vampire series, t-shirt, and Caridad’s September release, Sex and the South Beach Chicas)

Karin Tabke, Author
(signed copies of The Hard Stuff & Good Girl Gone Bad)

Natalie Collins, Author
(Signed advance copy of Behind Closed Doors)

Kathleen Givens, Author
(five signed books including first edition and RITA winner!!)

Shanna Swendson
(signed copies of Enchanted, Inc. & Once Upon Stilettos)
(critique of first 3 chapters and synopsis)

Elizabeth Sinclair
(detailed synopsis critique)

Toni L.P. Kelner
(signed copy of Wed & Buried plus wedding trolls)

(totebag of sensual romance books)

Catherine Mulvany, Author
(signed copies of Run No More & Shadows All Around Her)

Susan Mallery, Author
(gift card plus entire set of the Marcelli Books)

Beth Kendrick, Author
(signed copies of Beth’s three Downtown Press releases)

JoAnn Ross, Author
(CD of Blaze, signed copies of Impulse & The Callahan Brothers 3-in-1)

Tariq Jalil, Film/TV Manager
(script analysis)

JoAnn Rock, Author
(signed complete seven book set of her hard to find “Single in South Beach” books)

Earthly Charms, promotion services (bookmark design)

Isabel Sharpe, Author
(signed copies of all books in her The Manhunters miniseries, plus a Blaze, What Have I Done For Me Lately)

Sabrina Jeffries, Author
(signed set of the Swanlea Spinster series, plus a signed set of the Royal Brotherhood series, plus A Day In Mossy Creek)

Melanie Hauser, Author
(signed copy of Confessions of Super Mom)

Stephanie Lehman, Author
(signed copies of The Art of Undressing & You Could Do Better)

Lauren Baratz-Logsted, Author
(signed copy of Crossing the Line)

Julie Ortolon, Author
(signed set of the Perfect trilogy, plus bonus!)

Harley Jane Kozak, Author
(signed hardcovers: Dating Dead Men & Dating Is Murder)

Sophie Jordan, Author
(signed copy of Once Upon A Wedding Night)

Cyndy Salzmann, Author
(signed copies of Dying to Decorate & Crime and Clutter, upon its release in April)

Sanda Ruttan, Author
(critique, plus copy of debut novel!)

Harry Shannon, Author
(Signed Hardback of The Pressure of Darkness)

Martha Powers, Author
(signed copy of Death Angel)

Bob Morris, Author
(Advance copy of Bermuda Schwartz, plus signed copy of Jamaica Me Dead)

Rachel Pine
(signed copy of The Twins of TriBeCa)

Bob Avey, Author
(signed copy of Twisted Perception)

Christopher Keeslar, Editor
(Critique of 3 chapters and a synopsis)

Leah Hultenschmidt, Editor
(Critique of query letter, synopsis and first 3 chapters)

Kara Cesare, Editor
(Critique of 3 chapters and a synopsis)

Sharon Shinn
(signed hardback copies of Mystic and Rider and The Thirteenth House)

Allison Brennan, Author
(signed copies of The Prey, The Hunt, The Kill)

Alisa Kwitney, Author
(audio cassette of The Dominant Blonde and speaking time with Alisa to discuss writing)

Brenda Novak, Author
(signed copies of Dead Silence & Every Waking Moment, plus goodies including a gift card!)

Dorothy Francis, Author
(signed copy of The Conch Shell Murder)

Vicki Lane, Author
(signed first two books in the Elizabeth Goodweather series)

Frank Zafiro, Author
(signed copy of Under a Raging Moon)

Julia Buckley, Author
(critique plus signed copy of The Dark Backward)

Robert W. Walker, Author
(3 chapter critique/copyedit, plus signed copies of PSI Blue & City for Ransom)

M. Diane Vogt, Author
(signed copy of the Little Book of Bathroom Puzzles)

Hank Ryan, Author/Investigative Reporter
(Your name in an upcoming book, signed copy of Prime Time, tour of NBC affiliate in Boston or NBC goodies)

Jeffrey Marks, Author
(signed copies of Who Was That Lady? & Atomic Renaissance plus bonus)

Vincent H. O’Neil, Author
(signed copy of Murder In Exile)

Vicki Stiefel, Author
(25 page fiction critique)

Susan Oleksiw, Author
(signed copy of A Murderous Innocence)

Alice Duncan, Author
(signed copies of Lost Among the Angels & Cactus Flower)

Steve Rigolosi
(signed copy of Who Gets the Apartment?)

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(3-day Walking Tour of NYC, Package 1)
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Robyn DeHart

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