Coffee, Demons, Proposals and Idols

So I started off my day by dumping an entire cup of coffee onto my keyboard, myself, my chair, the floor. Bleh. Big ole’ mess. The keyboard survived. Logitech wireless. I’m rather impressed. It was a helluva lot of coffee. The chair is still drying *g*

The day has to look up from there, right?

Today I mail off Wild, Wicked and Wanton to Berkley. I really hope she likes the book. I love the way it turned out. I’ll just chew off all my acrylic nails til I get the verdict.

I’m reworking the proposal to the second Demon book for Bantam. Since I rewrote Demon Island I had to rewrite the proposal for book 2 because of plot changes (I’m thinking of changing my middle name to ‘rewrite’ *g*). So far so good. First draft of the proposal is moving along. Needs some oomph here and there, but I don’t want to pitch it in the fireplace yet, so that’s a good I need to get the proposal finished and crank out a few chapters and shoot it back to her asap though, so must flog myself into hurrying. Hard to do with having RT-lag.

I should do laundry today. And I still haven’t gone to the grocery store since I’ve been back. I don’t wanna. I’m too busy.

American Idol finale was last night. I really enjoyed the show. After all, Chris was back. hehehe. As far as who won, didn’t really give a flying monkey’s ass. Chris was back. *g* The show as entertaining though. I liked seeing the finalists return. And Chris was back. He sang with Live. It was great. I enjoyed seeing Chris. Did I mention Chris returned for the finale? 😉